Use cases - Power to the Partners

More than 100 great partners have already added our API to their digital products & platforms. They report about images performing 80% better than average and sales increasing by up to 30%.


Case stories

APSIS - marketing automation leader

The marketing automation platform APSIS increased their sales by 30% by integrating JumpStory into their e-mail builder.


SCRATCHER - gamification champions

Gamification platform Scratcher reduced churn and increased preference by adding JumpStory to their campaign builder.


TEAM.BLUE - European domain-leader

The domain and tech-giant use JumpStory across 30 brands, 23 offices and 1000 employees to add value.


webCRM - Award-winning CRM-platform

webCRM is promoting JumpStory to all its customers and earning a monthly recurring revenue on all signups.


More integrations & partnerships


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Digital signage provider

Template Monster

Design platform

The Next Web

News media

Storytelling platform


Digital signage platform

The JumpStory vision - how we are different

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Why JumpStory is such a powerful value add

The suite of tools that a company leverages for marketing processes is known as the MarTech Stack. Your customers will probably have tools to create, manage and measure their digital marketing efforts, and your platform and product is most likely a part of one of these stacks.

Adding the JumpStory API to your platform doesn’t just increase the stickyness of your product and reduce the churn, but is also a great way to provide your customers with high-performing images that they can use in their other marketing stacks as well. 

A blank MarTech Canvas looks like the image on your right, and every modern marketer has to find the perfect tools for each of these building blocks.

Source: MarTech Tribe, 2020
Source: MarTech Tribe, 2020

When a marketer evaluates their MarTech Canvas, it all comes down to how well they spent their money. It’s about the ROI.

This also means that their experience with your platform or product is put into this context, and knowing how much high-performing images impact the results of both advertising, content and social media, can you really afford not to have a high performance API-integration in your builder or product?

If you’re still not sure, here are some numbers to consider:

  • 40% increase in shares if images are included
  • 80% of what people remember is visual and not text
  • 94% increase in views when you add images to your content.