Why choose us and not a similar solution?

JumpStory might seem almost identical to Getty Images, Unsplash, Shutterstock & Pexels, but we’re different and better in a number of ways.

Our search only includes images that look authentic. 
Our search includes images that perform up to 80% better.
And we’ve even added a global insurance to keep you safe.

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The world’s largest tech marketplace G2 recently named JumpStory the company in the stock image industry with the highest customer satisfaction.

JumpStory is all about authenticity

If you’re tired of the traditional stock photos, you will love JumpStory. Images found using JumpStory perform 80% better than conventional stock images. We’ve collected a few examples below – showing you the diversity and ‘real’ look that ensures the high impact.

Why JumpStory and not a free image platform?

You may have noticed that we have a global insurance on JumpStory? It’s just one of many things that makes us different than free image platform API’s such as Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.

Of course ‘free’ sounds appealing, but is it really worth the legal risk and the potentially bad experience for your customers?

Why JumpStory and not Getty or Shutterstock?​​​

When comparing our API to some of the major industry players like Shutterstock, Adobe & Getty, we’re different in a number of important ways. Images found via our API are much more authentic, and we focus not only on images, but on impact.

Would you prefer +200 million photos or a few million, where the API actually helps your customers find the needle in the haystack?

Pick what you like

The JumpStory API is a buffet of cool features that you can decide to use, if you think they solve important pain-points for your users.

You don’t pay extra for any of the features – they’re all included in the JumpStory solution.

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