APSIS increased sales and reduced churn

APSIS is a leading marketing automation platform in Europe with a team of +300 employees. By integrating JumpStory, APSIS increased sales by more than 30%.
“JumpStory has been a very important and USP for us.”  -Jonas Bertelsen, CPO at APSIS

October 10, 2020 - 3 min. read

Images with impact

APSIS provides the next generation of a Customer Data Platform with native and easy-to-use tools for digital marketers.

As part of the APSIS platform comes a flexible drag-and-drop editor, which makes it super easy to build templates; do segmentations and streamlined workflows.

However, before integrating with JumpStory, the e-mail marketing builder was lacking high quality images and an easy way to find these, which is the case for many of the world’s leading marketing automation platforms.

By integrating the JumpStory API, APSIS was able to really stand out from the competitors and add a lot of new value to the customers – thus increasing their sales by more than 30%.

AI tools help marketers save a lot of time

Apart from the possiblity to search millions of images, the JumpStory API also includes a number of smart AI-features such as TextMatch; image format converter and many more.

The TextMatch AI-tool enables all users of APSIS to save lots of time every week, because they no longer have to spend time searching for images.

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Instead, JumpStory’s machine learning does all the hard work and automatically matches the content with relevant images.

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