Possibly the happiest team in the world

The JumpStory™ team is a combination of young creatives and skilled tech-entrepreneurs. We come from 10 different countries, but have joined forces at our HQ in Denmark – the place known for having the happiest people in the world.

Works where you do

Unlike most of our competitors in the image industry, JumpStory was not born as a photo licensing company, but as a technology startup. This means that we understand the needs of other content & SaaS platforms 110%, and you will see this reflected in how we build our product and integrations.

Our business and building-mantra is ‘Works where you do’ – underlining that we want to help marketers save time by integrating into their favourite products & platforms – cutting away some of the time wasted on having to visit old-fashioned photo websites.

The world’s largest tech marketplace G2 recently named JumpStory the highest performing company in the industry – read more about why …

Scandinavian quality and design

We’re based in Scandinavia – a part of the world known for its strong focus on quality and authenticity in design. We specialize in combining high-performing images (photos, videos, icons etc.) with State of the Art technology and machine learning in order to make it as easy as possible for people to find the best-performing image every time.


Despite our Scandinavian heritage, JumpStory has already become a global company with customers in more than 140 countries across the globe. We’ve also established a new office in Philadelphia, US.

Watch our co-founder & CEO, Jonathan Low, share our vision in this inspiring keynote in front of 3000 leading tech-entrepreneurs …

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20 years of proven track-record

We know that we don’t have 20 years of proven track-record as a brand, but the founders and core-team people behind JumpStory do.

Our board members include a former CEO at Microsoft, and we have a strong team of investors ensuring that we will also be in business 5, 10 and 50 years from now.

Meet the founders of JumpStory


Jonathan Low, CEO

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author
and +20 years in the tech-industry.


Anders Thiim, CTO & COO

Serial entrepreneur and +15 years in the digital marketing industry.