Increase sales & reduce churn with JumpStory

JumpStory’ API enables you to add millions of high-performing images to your product.

Companies in various industries like advertising, martech, video, print etc. have already integrated the API and increased both sales & loyalty.

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Learn why leading marketing platforms are using the API-integration to add unique value

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Scandinavia’s leading marketing platform APSIS uses the API-integration to add unique value

3 great reasons to add the JumpStory API

Integrate JumpStory to increase product value, reduce customer churn and provide your users with direct access to search millions of visuals using our API-integration.

  • Super simple integration
  • Churn-rate reduction
  • 80% increase in clicks

Super simple integration

Integrated in a matter of hours. Adding JumpStory is very easy and won’t affect your tech-roadmap.

Churn-rate reduction​

Our partners report reducing churn rates by up to 30% by adding JumpStory to their product.

80% increase in clicks

The authentic JumpStory images increase clicks & conversions for customers by up to 80%.

What does the integration look like?

Customize the design exactly like you want to. Here are a few examples of what the integration could look like – examples from Scratcher and Yodeck.

Why our partners love the API​

Search images

Unlimited access to search photos, illustrations, icons & vectors.

Amazing AI-tools​

Best-in-class search, Text Match search, and advanced search filters.

Global insurance​

Official international image-license and a global insurance on all images.

What does our partner APSIS think?

By integrating the super smart JumpStory-API we are not only able to offer our users millions of professional photos to choose from, but we can also help them save time by matching their texts with high-performing images in seconds.

Jonas Bertelsen

APSIS is one of the European market leaders, when it comes to marketing automation and newsletter platforms. With more than 300 employees APSIS serves +3600 enterprise customers across 50 countries.

Your brain loves visual information

Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and retains 80 percent of what we see versus just 20 percent of what we read.
0 %
of all receptors
in the brain are visual​
0 %
of what people
remember is visual
0 %
increase in views
when you add images​

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